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Best essays of 2017: Danger in my belly: I know where Donald Trump’s tribal rhetoric can lead

Published by SALON

I came to America as a refugee from Somalia. I know what happens when a group of people is labeled as a threat… Read More

The “good pirates” of Somalia

Published by SALON

My father’s hometown of Eyl, Somalia, was once a pirate’s haven. I sat down with an ex-pirate to learn why… Read More

I used to be a number in a refugee camp. In America I became a person

Published by THE GUARDIAN

I lived among 30,000 refugees in Kenya, surrounded by death and decay. When we had the chance to leave, we didn’t look… Read More

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I stood in the fourth-floor lounge at Cambridge Innovation Center, my gaze switching back and forth between the… Read More

Somali-Born Writer Boyah Farah Blasts Trump Ban on Refugees From His Country (Transcript)

Published by TRUTH DIG

A girl holds a Somali flag during a 2016 Somali Independence Day street fair in… Read More

Fear, Giddiness and Surrealism: My Long Journey to Grub Street

Published by GRUB STREET

My mind has been humming with thoughts of writing a memoir about Somalia’s… Read More

A gaze of a woman. A pose of a man. Words Made You (Poem)


Glances between them. Partly gray and partly blue sky.

An invisible aroma of flowers in the… Read More